Napcan (National Association For Prevention Of Child Abuse And Neglect)

NAPCAN's mission is to prevent the abuse and neglect of children by inspiring all Australians to take responsibility for the wellbeing of children.

NAPCAN deliver Respectful Relation programs into schools across Australia. These programs include Love Bites, All Children Being Safe, Growing Respect and the Aboriginal Girls Circle.

NAPCAN also coordinate National Child Protection Week each year to help educate community members on how they can play their part to keep children safe.


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Aboriginal Girls Circle - Can You Help N...

The Aboriginal Girls’ Circle (AGC) is a NAPCAN program that aims to increase social connection, participation and self- confidence amongst Aborigin... Read More

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LOVE BITES is an extremely successful school-based Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Assault prevention program targeting 14-16 year olds. Lo... Read More

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NAPCAN relies on the generosity of individuals to help fund our prevention programs and resources that support individuals and communities  to... Read More

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The Aboriginal Girls’ Circle (AGC) is a unique initiative designed to develop positive relationships, enhance resilience and raise t... Read More

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Respectful Relationship Programming: Age...

NAPCAN’S Respectful Relationship programs strengthen schools capacity to support children and young people to have healthy and respectful relations... Read More

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Napcan - National Association For Preven...

NAPCAN’s strategy is to bring about the changes necessary in individual and community behaviour to stop child abuse and neglect before it starts by... Read More