Help young people Break Free - AUD $5

Musicians Making a Difference (MMAD)

Help young people Break Free

Break Free Is a street inspired youth support group which uses the power of music and mentoring to help young people (13-18) to break negative cycles, to believe in themselves and discover their true potential so that they can go on and make their difference in the world. This course has consistently been a catalyst for change in young people’s lives, across Australia. Break Free provides a fun and creative environment of learning and encourages young people to look at ways to improve their behaviours, actions, and choices as well as offering them strategies to set newfound goals in life. Through this course young people’s self-esteem rises, direction can change, and antisocial behaviours reduce. We’ve seen young people "Rise-Up" to learn more about leadership, and return to the program as young helpers in the future.

Thanks to your support we will be able to provide young people going up with a disadvantage with the assistance they desperately need. 

"Break Free has changed my life I'm now clean from drugs, self-harm and have a job in the music industry” Jenny

“I came from a place of neglect and loneliness, I’ve had to walk through my toughest moments with no one by my side, so trust me when I say “I know what it’s like to feel hopeless.” It wasn’t until I was 15 that I found people who brighten my spirit no matter how I feel. I found my safely net at the same time as finding a group of people who will always be by my side, and now I’m here to tell you that no matter who you are or what you’re going through…I’m here for you too, and I’m #MMAD4U” - MMAD Rising Star

“Ring around the rosie, yeah you run in circles. You live your life with no regret…drunk nights in punk fights…but it is never too late to pick up your pen and pad. Turn your pain into art, from a broken man to something promising; it’s so astonishing what can happen in a year. You can conquer all your feats; this place has saved me. I wanna break free, and if I’m MMAD it’s the only thing I wanna be:” – MMAD Rising Star

“I have been involved with MMAD for three years. I have seen first-hand other kids my age break free from depression and drug addiction. MMAD is a family of love and support that many other young people have never had.” - Fletcher Pillon (Winner of Australia's Got Talent)