Fighting Liver Cancer Together - AUD $100

Menzies School of Health Research

Fighting Liver Cancer Together

Our Program Goal is to eliminate Hepatitis B (Hep B) in the Northern Territory and prevent liver cancer and liver failure.

Hep B is the leading contributor to liver cancer amongst Indigenous Australians.  The access to specialised equipment is vital to the prevention of liver cancer and liver failure and we have recently raised enough to purchase two Fibroscan machines with two probes (a total cost of $140,000.00).  These two machines, and an old machine that was purchased some years ago, are the only Fibroscan machines in the NT.

 =inheritA Fibroscan machine uses advanced ultrasound technology to assess the stiffness of your liver. It measures the speed of a vibration wave that is made by a probe on your lower chest overlying your liver. The stiffer your liver, the more likely that your liver has fibrosis or cirrhosis (liver disease). Knowing the condition of your liver increases the chance of preventing death from liver cancer or liver failure.

Our fundraiser goals is to raise $35,000, to purchase a XL probe to go with the Fibroscan machines. This probe is necessary for people with a higher BMI (>30).