'Let's Start': Early intervention for Indigenous children at risk - AUD $50

Menzies School of Health Research

'Let's Start': Early intervention for Indigenous children at risk

Let’s Start is Australia’s only group parenting program that provides evidence-based, culturally adapted support to remote Indigenous parents with children in the 4 to 8 year age group who are identified at risk with developmental, social-emotional or behavioural problems.

We know that supporting parents to better connect, play and learn with their young children significantly increases their capacity to support their children to engage in school and stay on track. Let’s Start supports Indigenous parents and their children (aged 4-8) at particular risk of learning challenges associated with emotional and behavioural challenges.

Early intervention to improve parenting and reduce child conduct problems can reduce the risk of later psycho-social difficulties and improve school outcomes.

We need funds so that community capacity building and transfer of skills to Indigenous community workers along with mentoring and quality assurance can enable an expanded implementation of this highly successful program.