Somewhere safe tonight - AUD $5

Melbourne City Mission

Somewhere safe tonight

Homelessness is one of the most severe forms of disadvantage that any person can experience. 

Even for an adult, it can feel scary, depressing and humiliating. Where do you go? Where do you turn? You can imagine that it’s even more frightening for young people.

In fact, research shows it has a direct adverse effect on children’s health and wellbeing. Over half of all young people who are homeless in Victoria are not able to go to school regularly, or make it to uni or a job. And the consequences of this can affect their lives forever. With your support, young people who are sleeping rough will have the practical, quality support they need to:

  • Find housing: in temporary accommodation or return home (so long as it’s safe).

  • Rebuild their lives: getting back into school and reconnecting with friends.

  • Know they matter: it sounds simple, but this can make a world of difference in a young person’s life.

Together, we can end youth homelessness – and keep our young people safe