Melanoma Institute Australia

Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA) is dedicated to preventing and curing melanoma through innovative world-class research, treatment and education programs.

As the largest centre in the world focused exclusively on melanoma, we collaborate nationally and internationally to accelerate the understanding of , and new treatments for melanoma.

• Australia has one of the highest rates of melanoma in the world

• Melanoma is the most common cancer in 15-39 year olds

• Melanoma is the most common cause of cancer deaths in 20-39 year olds

• Incidence of people over 60 is also very high and increasing.

Over the past five years in particular, MIA has made incredible progress through our research. For example, over 30 clinical trials have been conducted each year investigating new treatments and new combination of treatments which have been able to significantly increase survival rates for people with advanced melanoma (where it has spread to other organs) A number of our advanced melanoma patients are now off all treatments and remain disease-free.

Making a gift donation to MIA can help drive research to end melanoma for future generations, because no-one should die from melanoma.


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AUD $7

Patient Support Pack

Your kind donation will provide a newly diagnosed melanoma patient with a support pack designed to provide information to help answer some of the p... Read More

AUD $10

Super Frost Slides

Your kind donation would fund 20 Super Frost Slides, used to mount tissue samples before they are stained and viewed under the microscope to f... Read More

AUD $20

Melanoma Essentials E-Textbook

Your kind donation funds a copy of Melanoma Essentials A Concise Guide resource for GPs and other medical, nursing and allied professionals who are... Read More

AUD $25

25 Litres Of Liquid Nitrogen

Your kind donation could fund 25 litres of liquid nitrogen used to keep blood and tissue cells frozen ready for research. The Melanoma Insitute Aus... Read More

AUD $50

One Hour Of Pioneering Research

Help Fund an hour of pioneering research - where one of our researchers could make a major discovery or break through.Research will enhance our und... Read More

AUD $100

Enable The Collection Of Blood And Tissu...

Your kind donation could enable the collection of a blood or tissue sample from a patient undergoing systemic treatment (chemotherapy, hormonal the... Read More