Manna Inc

Manna Inc

Manna is a volunteer operated charity that helps to feed, clothe and support Western Australians in need.

From what began as the simple act of feeding a few homeless people in a park, Manna has grown to become one of the largest providers of meals for disadvantaged people here in Perth. Along the way we have seen other needs that we knew had to be addressed and so began our School Breakfast Program, Winter School Uniform program, the School Cooking Facility, Special functions for Seniors, as well as thousands of food parcels delivered each year. The more contact we have with the community, the more we see that there is a greater need for the services we can offer.


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AUD $5

Hot 'N' Healthy Meal For The Homeless

$5 will supply a homeless person of Perth with a Hot 'n' Healthy meal. These meals are cooked in our kitchen fresh every day then served in... Read More

AUD $25

Hampers For The Homeless

Hampers For The Homeless contain: 1 x 100g Rice Crackers 1 x 220g Tinned Creamed Rice 1 x 90 g Twisties/Chips 1 x 600ml Bottled Water 1 x 170g... Read More

AUD $25

Hot 'N' Healthy Meals For The Homeless

Your $25 donation will supply FIVE meals for a homeless person. These meals are cooked in our kitchen fresh every day then served in the park ... Read More

AUD $55

Hampers For Families In Need

Hampers For Families In Need contains: 1 x 750g box of Weetbix 2 x 420g tins of vegetables 2 x 1L long life milk 1 x 1kg bag of rice 1 x 80g o... Read More

AUD $100

School Winter Uniform Pack

School Winter Uniform Pack    $100 per pack Manna provide over 1,000 winter school uniform packs annually to students who are nominated b... Read More