MS Research Australia

MS Research Australia

MS Research Australia is the only non government national organisation dedicated to funding and coordinating multiple sclerosis research in Australia, as part of the worldwide effort to solve MS.

Its goal is to accelerate research: into the cause, better treatments and prevention, with the aim of ultimately finding a cure for MS.

Multiple sclerosis affects more young Australians than any other neurological condition.

• Over 25,600 Australians have MS and approximately 3 million people worldwide

• 3 out of 4 diagnosed are women

• Average age of diagnosis is only 30 years of age


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AUD $20

Contribute To Equipment Supplies For Res...

Contributes to equipment supplies for MS research projects which all contribute to finding better treatments, the cause and a cure for multiple scl... Read More

AUD $35

100 Cryotubes

100 Cryotubes – to freeze the blood or DNA of 100 people with MS to be used in a range of projects to look at the genetics and biology of multiple ... Read More

AUD $50

Junior Researcher Assistance In A Lab Fo...

Covers one hour of lab work by a junior researcher at one of the MS medical research institutes. Read More

AUD $50

Contribute To Finding The Cure For Multi...

Contributes to research to help find better treatments, the cause and cure for multiple sclerosis. Read More

AUD $150

Microarray Chip

A Microarray chip is used to screen the genome of a person with MS using their DNA sample as part of a larger study to investigate genetic changes ... Read More

AUD $1300

Paxgene Tubes

PaxGENE Tubes are used to collect RNA from the blood of people with multiple sclerosis (MS) and healthy individuals to compare differences in gene ... Read More