Drought Relief Appeal - AUD $30

Landcare Australia

Drought Relief Appeal

We’re in Australia’s worst drought in living memory.  Currently 98% of New South Wales and almost two-thirds of Queensland is in drought or drought-affected areas, with farmers in parts of Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia also experiencing hardship.Our once-green pastures have now turned to barren wastelands. The cost of freight and feed is skyrocketing. Livestock are dying.Everywhere on the news it’s the same: our Aussie farmers are facing the heartbreaking reality that they could lose everything. Their families, their crops, their livestock, and their environments are suffering and they face an uncertain future.They need your help.

By supporting the Landcare Drought Relief Appeal you can help Landcare groups in drought-affected New South Wales and Queensland who are caring for farmers that are doing it tough.

There are many Landcare groups getting their hands dirty and supporting farmers during this intense drought. These groups are supporting farmers in ways that ensure the sustainability of their farms, such as educating them about supplementary feeding and providing feral animal control programs.You can help care for those that care for our land. Donate to the Landcare Drought Relief Appeal.

We need to raise at least $100,000. Your gift will be used towards financial assistance grants for Landcare groups who are supporting farmers in their time of need.