Don't let it be too little, too late! Support our Aussie farmers - AUD $25

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Don't let it be too little, too late! Support our Aussie farmers

Let’s be realistic, Australia will always be facing a number of droughts in the future. That’s a fact of life!

As Australians, we can support farmers to become more resilient and better prepared for future droughts.

There is no underestimating the challenges farmers face...

Droughts can have a devastating impact on our primary producers, communities and regional economies.

During a drought the effects on farmers can be devastating.

Farmers may lose money if the drought destroys their crops, if a farmer’s water supply is too low, they will need to spend money to feed their animals and crops, their reputation is on the line as they won’t have any crops to sell.

That’s on a business level, imagine the impact it has on their families? Farmers face more anxiety or depression about economic loss, they can’t feed their families and it can ruin entire families, there has been countless of stories in the media of hardship and devastation to families all around Australia.

This is what our Aussie farmers fear every year!

Your life could be impacted too....

Prices could go up for food which will impact families that have lower income, there would be greater health problems for many Australians as water and soil quality declines and our general economy will be impacted through many industries that rely on this sector. 

As an organisation, we cannot solve the drought problem and we cannot provide full solutions for drought resilience. But with as little as $25, we can ensure our food future is secure by supporting Landcare community groups who make sure we can be drought resilent!