Ruby Lamb - AUD $100

Lamb Care Australia

Ruby Lamb

Late one Sunday night Lamb Care Australia received a phone call asking if they could take in a little girl. She had been spotted alone in a paddock close to the New South Wales border.

One of the organiser's critical carers drove to meet the kind soul who had driven this little lamb back to Melbourne. She was named Ruby and became one of the dearest little lambs our carer had looked after. After a week it was with a heavy, but happy heart that the carer placed the tiny 3.6kgs Ruby into the hands of one of the network of foster families.

The practice of Lamb Care Australia is always to place lambs in pairs. Sheep are flock animals and develop strong bonds with one another. Soon after, Ruby was given a little friend called Harley to keep her company. The 2 became firm friends and now live together as part of a larger flock. You can help future lambs just like Ruby to have a safe place to live for the remainder of their natural lives by donating to this cause.

Approximately 15 million lambs die on Australian farms every year during their first 48 hours of life. Lamb Care Australia Inc is a not for profit organisation that fosters and re-homes some of these lambs who are born during the lambing season across Victoria.