Awareness and Prevention - AUD $10

Kids Cancer Research Trust

Awareness and Prevention

As with all cancers, catching them earlier can make a dramatically increase the chances of successful treatment.

That's why the Kids Cancer Research Trust will spend over $150,000 on Awareness and Prevention promotion over the next twelve months. By providing pamphlets to both homes ans health care professionals and through ongoing promotion in shopping centres, online and other face to face communication, we hope to increase community awareness of some of the early signs of common childhood cancers.

Additionally, body mass and activity levels are particularly important when determining whether a child may develop cancer in their lifetime - a poor diet or a higher body mass index gives a greater risk of developing the disease. The Kids Cancer Research Trust is committing to educating children about the importance of eating healthy foods from a young age in order to prevent cancer at any stage in their lifetime.

If this can save just one child, we have all made a difference.