Kids Cancer Research Trust

Kids Cancer Research Trust

Kids Cancer Research Trust raises funds to:

• Support hospitals to purchase equipment

• Fund programs in scientific or medical research, fellowships or scholarships

• Provide financial assistance for better treatment options or therapeutic outcomes

• Provide quality accommodation for patients and families

• Increase awareness of prevention measures

“…I cannot tell you how great it is to be able to come back to the Parkview apartment after another long day at the hospital and to be able to unwind, as well as have some much needed privacy and family time…”

"...families who have to look after a young child with cancer find it increasingly difficult to entertain their children with special events to help them forget about their treatments while also giving them something to look forward to..."

"...hospitals and institutions are continuously updating and adding equipment or items ... used to support research into the causes of childhood cancer and the development of new therapies..."



Unfortunately, this charity has not registered with us to receive donations.