KIDS Foundation

The KIDS Foundation is a not for profit, health promotion charity dedicated to childhood injury prevention and injury recovery.

The KIDS Foundation was established in 1993 to generate resources to develop and maintain injury prevention and injury recovery programs. The KIDS Foundation Injury Prevention arm delivers quality school and community based safety education programs that result in reducing preventable child injuries and death. The KIDS Foundation Injury Recovery provides services and facilities for the care of children with life-changing injuries and burns.


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AUD $1

Burn Survivor Childrens Seemore Recovery...

$1.00 per week pays for a large SeeMore recovery doll for a child who has suffered severe injuries from burns. Read More

AUD $2

Injury Free Program To A School Or Presc...

$2 per week provides an IF (injury free) program to a school or preschool. The IF program aims to highlight safety and encourage school communities... Read More

AUD $5

A Child A Bike

$5 per week will buy a bike for a child with serious and life-changing injuries. Read More

AUD $10

To Send Fletcher And Spencer To A Burns ...

This will go towards giving a chance for Fletcher & Spencer who suffered horrific burns to attend the KIDS Foundation camps. These camps a... Read More

AUD $10

Kindergarten Safety Education Program

$10 per week pays for a safety education program to be placed into a kindergarten. The program focuses on learning through literature and real life... Read More

AUD $10

School Safety Education Program

$10 per week will pay for a school to have a safety education program. The school program addresses the entire concept of risk and safety. Schools ... Read More