International Women's Development Agency

International Women's Development Agency

International Women’s Development Agency is the only Australian agency run entirely by women, focusing on gender equality and women’s rights across Asia and the Pacific.

IWDA believes that women have the potential to transform their lives, their communities and the world. Yet women continue to face significant discrimination and barriers to decision-making on issues that affect their lives. Working in partnership with local women’s organisations toward our vision of a sustainable and just world for women, our practical and rights-based programs directly address poverty and oppression of women in Cambodia, Timor-Leste, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and the Thai-Burma border. These projects are most effective because they are devised and managed by women who live and work in the communities.

Our programs address three key areas – women’s safety and security, women’s civil and political participation, and women’s economic empowerment and sustainable livelihoods.

Today, you can stand up for women’s rights and invest in equality. Your donation will directly help women empower themselves and their communities. Donate now.


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AUD $15

Classroom Stationary Supplies For One Mo...

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AUD $25

Safe Venue For 20 Shan Refugee Women Liv...

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AUD $26

Governance And Leadership Training In Th...

Attendance to leadership and governance training for 10 women's savings club members run by West 'Are' Are Rokotanikeni (WARA). In the ... Read More

AUD $45

A Week's Worth Of Food For Women Staying...

Ethnic Palaung women from Burma are highly vulnerable to human trafficking and gender-based violence. Two centres in the Palaung areas of Burma pro... Read More

AUD $61

A Day's Salary For A Female Counsellor T...

Violence against women is pervasive in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, experienced by nearly 100% of women. Eastern Highlands Family Voice provi... Read More

AUD $95

The Cost Of Running Classes And Activiti...

Garment workers in Cambodia are usually young women who've had limited opportunities and low levels of education, making them highly vulnerable... Read More