ICARE for Mothers and Daughters - AUD $20


ICARE for Mothers and Daughters

  • 57 million primary school age children around the world are not in school – the majority are girls.

  • 60% of the 781 million adults who lack basic literacy skills are women.

  • 70% of the world’s poor are women.

  • In many developing countries, up to 80 students can be found in the 1 classroom; students share textbooks at the ratio of 7 to 1; and up to 4 students share the 1 desk.

“My name is Emily.  In my village in Kenya, cows are valued more than daughters.  I was denied an education as my family preferred educating my brothers.  I was married at the age of 17 and the lack of education and livelihood skills only worsened my circumstances.”


Emily dreams of a better future for her daughter, Caroline.  And through an education program supported by ICARE and its local partner in Kenya, Emily is seeing this dream become a reality.  Her eyes dance with joy as she talks about her daughter, “Caroline has always been a bright student and now wants to become a nurse."


19 year old Caroline is determined to pursue her own dream.  She is aware of her rights as a woman, especially to education.  She wants to use the opportunities from education to give herself and her family a better life and future.  She is determined to become a nurse to help her community.  Caroline’s life has entered a better present and an even better future awaits her and her family and community!


For those living in poor and disadvantaged communities, education transforms lives and is the only way out of extreme poverty.  Education also promotes robust economies which enables business to thrive and creates jobs.  But to ensure that development is sustainable and inclusive, girls and women must be given an education.


Emily and Caroline are among the 12,000 women and youth supported by ICARE and its partners, who have experienced a change for the better due to the power of education.  Emily encourages other women in her community to also educate their daughters.  They need your help to do so.


An educated girl will earn a higher income and experience better health; she will marry later and have fewer but healthier and better educated children.  Having more educated women is crucial for economic and social development.  Education can transform lives for the better.

Your tax-deductible donations to the campaign will support education programs implemented by ICARE in collaboration with in-country partners. 

With your support, ICARE will ensure that daughters (girls and young women) receive the benefits of these programs.