Save a dancing bear in Bhopal - AUD $200

Humane Society International

Save a dancing bear in Bhopal

The country most linked with the horror of dancing bears is India, and currently there are about 1200 abused bears. Cubs taken from the wild have a one in six rate of survival, and those few who do survive to the age of two months will begin a life of cruel training. Firstly, a carpet needle is threaded with a piece of jute and the needle is forced up through the palate of the roof of the cub's mouth to exit just below the bear's eye. Its teeth, as they grow will be removed with a hammer and chisel, and its claws will be pulled out with pliers. A sharp tug on the rope threaded through the face is painful enough to ensure a "good performance". Dragged from town to town, these bears (usually endangered Sloth Bears who now number only 8000 worldwide) make a living from unthinking tourists.

Humane Society International has partnered successfully with non profits in India to stop this horrible trade and end the horror of the dancing bears for good. But the bears need long term care. Help support these animals going forward.