Himalayan Development Foundation Australia - General Fund - AUD $10

Himalayan Development Foundation Australia (HDFA)

Himalayan Development Foundation Australia - General Fund

Securing a brighter future for the children of NepalWe take a holistic approach tailored through community engagement and consultation with a needs analysis focusing on six key causes: Education | Child Safety | Healthcare | Infrastructure | Conservation | Economic DevelopmentWe believe sustainable development requires a balanced approach appropriate to the needs and capacity of the community and environment. Only by enhancing each cause in balance with the other can a sustainable solution be achieved.“To enable the people of the Himalayas to choose their own development pathway in an informed and sustainable way, whilst retaining the cultural heritage of their own choosing.”It is easy to give your supportWe understand that the size of one’s gift is a very personal decision and that donation amounts may vary year to year with personal capacity.Your support means together we can make a difference to the future of the children of Nepal.