$25 to help kids like Savannah through life-saving research - AUD $25


$25 to help kids like Savannah through life-saving research

Childhood heart disease (CHD) is the largest cause of death of Australian children under the age of 1 and there is no known cure.

HeartKids Australia is the only research funding body that specifically provides funds to drive world class research into the causes, treatment and management of childhood heart disease. Research into CHD remains significantly underfunded. 

You can help mend a broken heart by joining the fight against childhood heart disease. 

We have developed a peer-reviewed, transparent and efficient process to identify and allocate funding for research projects that look to:

  • Reduce mortality and/or morbidity from CHD

  • Reduce the incidence of CHD

  • Develop preventative measures to reduce CHD

  • Improve early detection of CHD

  • Understand the causes and disease processes of CHD

  • Improve the treatments and management of CHD

  • Gain a better understanding of the consequences of CHD and its treatment including the neurological, cognitive or social impacts on children affected by CHD and how these issues may be addressed.

All research projects are assessed by a Research Advisory Committee comprised of independent experts who ensure that the best value is obtained from funds and the greatest impact is achieved for children affected by heart disease.