Heart Research Institute

Heart Research Institute

Cardiovascular disease is Australia's and the world's biggest killer, affecting 2 out of every 3 Australian families.

We are an internationally recognised medical research institute that performs cutting-edge cardiovascular research from our state-of-the-art facility in Newtown, Sydney, Australia.

Our mission is to improve global health through excellence in medical research by understanding the causes and complications of cardiovascular disease (heart disease, diabetes and stroke).

Our vital research helps prevent, detect and treat cardiovascular disease and save lives.


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Help Beat Cardiovascular Disease - Austr...

Our Cell Therapeutics Research Group recently discovered that Colchicine, an anti-inflammatory drug traditionally used to treat arthritis, can also... Read More

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Gift Of Awareness

The World's Number 1 Killer- Heart Disease! Whilst there are many causes of heart disease, the most significant is atherosclerosis - the thicke... Read More

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Help Prevent Heart Disease

In a world first, our Translational Research and BioEngineering Group has discovered a specific mechanism linking diabetes to cardiovascular diseas... Read More

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Early Detection Of Heart Disease

Our Clinical Research Group has demonstrated that specific proteins and cell remnants are released when fatty plaques within an artery become unsta... Read More

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Help Develop New Treatments For Heart Di...

Silk is finding new applications on the frontiers of medical science. Purified silk is extremely well tolerated by the body and is widely used by d... Read More

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Help Understand The Causes Of Cardiovasc...

Our Inflammation Research Group has shown that some immune cells which act as the garbage disposal cells of the body, can play an important role in... Read More