Protect an orang-utan's home - AUD $50

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Protect an orang-utan's home

Orang-utans used to be widespread across Asia, but hunting and deforestation mean they are now confined to just two islands in South East Asia, and are at high risk of becoming extinct within decades. The continued destruction of the Indonesian rainforest for timber or for palm oil plantations is one of the biggest threats to this majestic creature's survival.

What your donation will help achieve...

Greenpeace is campaigning to stop widespread deforestation in Indonesia. The forest is largely being cleared to plant palm oil, a substance which is used in a huge range of products consumed all over the world, including soap and chocolate. We are putting pressure on the producers of these products to support our call for a moratorium on deforestation for growing palm oil and to protect the last remaining habitat of the orang-utan.