Blob Fish - AUD $15

Greenpeace Australia Pacific

Blob Fish

The blob fish is not exactly an oil painting, but he clearly appeals to some people. He won our ugly creature competition by miles! But its weird features are probably the least of its worries. It lives at the bottom of the ocean around Australia, which means that it is vulnerable to fishing practices such as bottom trawling, where fishing boats trawl the sea bed for edible fish. Unfortunately this method also kills lots of fish and other marine creatures that are not used for food, like the poor old blob fish.

What your donation help achieve...

Our seas and oceans used to be teeming with fish and other sea creatures, but decades of destructive fishing practices and overfishing have led to the collapse of fish stocks and the degradation of marine ecosystems. Greenpeace is campaigning for 40 per cent of the world's oceans to be designated as marine reserves. Acting like underwater national parks, these no fishing areas will enable oceans to recover and protect all species of sea creatures, including the blob fish.