Sponsor a woman - Nelia Dayot - AUD $25

Good Return

Sponsor a woman - Nelia Dayot

Purchasing a gift helps a woman like Nelia start or grow a small business to lift herself and her family out of poverty. Good Return distributes money as interest free loans through our microfinance partners.

Nelia Dayot has been hawking fish around her community for a long time. She perseveres because she wants to give her family a good life, and especially ensure her five kids get a proper education. But as she must support them from her daily sales, she has gradually run down her dried fish stocks to an uneconomic level.

And so she needs a loan to re-capitalise her little business with fresh supplies of the smoked, salty fish that’s a favourite with all Filipinos. With more stock, she can supply both her own and the neighboring village, and boost her takings to $5 or $6 a day. If she can keep her stocks at an efficient level for as long as possible, she can maintain that level of income for many months ahead.