Responsible Microfinance: Community Bankers Program - AUD $25

Good Return

Responsible Microfinance: Community Bankers Program

Around the world, about 2.5 billion adults are unbanked or without access to financial services, 59% of them in East and South-East Asia. Some 200 million small and medium-sized enterprises are also unbanked, with about half of them in East Asia. Mainstream banks neglect them because they live in remote rural areas and have no assets or dependable income. They are forced to rely on unregulated moneylenders and endure crippling interest rates.Microfinance institutions (MFIs) are opening new financial options for people living in poverty, offering products and services designed to meet their special needs. Delivered responsibly, microloans are a powerful tool to fight poverty. But  they can cause harm if sold to vulnerable people who cannot realistically repay the debt.That’s why Good Return only partners with organisations that share our social mission. They also believe in our integrated approach of delivering responsible microfinance alongside skills development programs. Our goal is to help their bankers deliver financial services that are responsible – safe, affordable, and reliable banking products, and inclusive – available to everyone, particularly those living in remote, marginalised communities.