Go Girls Work Ready Program- Jenny's Story - AUD $50

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Go Girls Work Ready Program- Jenny's Story

The Go Girls Work Ready Program is starting in July in Melbourne.A four month intensive program assisting 15 women to become work ready. These woman come from varied backgrounds including migrants.  They are at risk and have experienced homelessness, domestic violence and social isolation. At the end of the program 50% of the women will have found sustainable employment. What does that mean, it changes the lives of the women, their children and their families.

Jenny's story: (Pictured) 

"I was at home full time for ten years with primary childcare responsibilities.  I found that my confidence had really plummeted.  The Go Girls program offered a supportive and affirming space where I could talk openly about my thoughts, feelings and ideas, safe in the knowledge that whatever I shared would be met with sensitivity and respect.  Last year I returned to study at university, after a break of nearly 30 years."