Friends of the Hound Inc.

Friends of the Hound Inc. is a non-profit, volunteer-based Greyhound adoption group that is dedicated to saving and rehoming Greyhounds as pets and family companions.

The group has been raising awareness about the plight of Greyhounds, advocating for their welfare, and promoting the breed as wonderful pets and companions since 2003.

Almost 20,000 Greyhounds are bred every year for the commercial racing industry. It is a breeding lottery for the fastest dog - the biggest organised group of puppy farmers in Australia - where the only possible outcome is an early death for most of the dogs.

Friends of the Hound works tirelessly to rescue and rehome some of the thousands of Greyhounds overbred, exploited and discarded for a gambling industry.


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AUD $5

$5 For Ongoing Care Of Rescued Greyhound...

Your $5 will go toward the ongoing care of rescued Greyhounds, the discarded products of a gambling industry. Friends of the Hound cares for many G... Read More

AUD $10

$10 For Preventative Treatments For Resc...

Your $10 will supply monthly heartworm and flea prevention for a rescued Greyhound that is currently in our foster program. Thank you for helping F... Read More

AUD $10

$10 Will Help Feed A Skinny Hound

You can help with the feeding and care of Greyhounds saved from the dog-killing racing industry. The emotional, physical and financial burden of sa... Read More

AUD $15

$15 Provides A Foster Hound Collar/ Lead...

Whilst the physical and emotional burden of rescue takes its toll, there are many practicalities that are important. And all cost money! Your $15 d... Read More

AUD $20

Help A Senior Hound - $20

Senior hounds generally require more care at more cost. Friends of the Hound often saves older Greyhounds such as ex-brood bitches or ex-stud dogs ... Read More

AUD $25

$25 Will Provide Warmth To A Rescued Hou...

Your $25 will provide a warm coat for a rescued Greyhound currently in care with Friends of the Hound during winter. Keep a skinny hound warm and c... Read More