Back to School Program - AUD $50

Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal

Back to School Program

"My little girl started school this year, things have not been going too well lately and I was worried about how I was going to buy her school clothes. So when I was unexpectedly given a voucher I was beyond grateful. I was grateful, humbled and relieved. This has been an enormous help, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your help didn't just help financially, it has also made me feel like I matter as a human being and that I am not completely alone. As soon as I am able I hope to pay your kindness forward, thank you very very much.”

FRRR believes education is a fundamental right and that a quality education should be accessible, irrespective of your personal circumstances, or location.

However, many families in rural, regional and remote Australia struggle to provide the basics their children need for school. FRRR developed the Back to School (BTS) program in 2005 as a practical and positive program that makes a real difference in the lives of children and families in rural, regional and remote Australia. The BTS program provides $50 vouchers through community organisation partners to give families in need the opportunity to purchase items for school such as uniforms, bags, shoes, socks, underwear, lunchboxes, drink bottles and stationery. 

The BTS program is discrete, allowing community based organisations, support services or schools to identify children and families in need of support without parents having to ask for help. In 2019, the BTS program distributed over $584,000 in vouchers that assisted 11,683 students and their families to meet the costs associated with start of a new school year. However, there was still unmet demand across the 2019 program of over 2,300 vouchers which are valued at $115,000

The number of vouchers FRRR can distribute is entirely dependent on the funds we raise. We will cover all of the administration costs, so 100% of donations go to BTS vouchers and into the hands of students and families in need. 

The feedback we receive from the recipients is truly heart-warming, knowing that a small gesture can make such a difference in a child or parents life.

"A single father very reluctantly attended the service when he had hit rock bottom. Amongst other financial difficulties, it was revealed that his son had taken his lunch and books to school in a grey plastic shopping bag and worn plain clothes instead of the school uniform for years. However his son had always reassured him he didn’t care about not having the same as the other kids. After receiving support, the father described how his son had started playing more with the other children and his teachers had commented that his willingness to participate in learning had improved. The father attributed this ...