Feed 400 Victorians going hungry - AUD $200

Foodbank Victoria

Feed 400 Victorians going hungry

At some point each year over 4 million Australians are in crisis, dealing with the anguish and despair of not knowing where the next meal is coming from for themselves and their families.

Foodbank Victoria restores hope to people who are struggling by rescuing and sourcing food and groceries from farmers, manufacturers and retailers and distributing them to front line charities around the state to provide to individuals and families in need.

Your donation will help provide healthy meals to a diverse range of Victorians - those affected are men and women, children and the elderly. They are single and in families, students, employed, unemployed and retired. Also at risk are people with disabilities, refugees and those of Aboriginal and Islander descent. The suffering is often hidden, but the reality is we’re all likely to know someone going without.

$200 helps provides 400 meals for those going without.