First Step

First Step

Founded in 2000, First Step is a not-for-profit organisation that specialises in addiction and mental health treatment. Based in Melbourne, our mission is to provide safe and effective pathways to recovery for all people with addiction and substance abuse related issues with the ultimate aim of enabling them to positively re-engage with the community.

We provide a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary treatment, which includes a combination of medical, psychosocial, legal and vocational support services. Our team of highly qualified and experienced practitioners provide compassionate and non-judgmental care throughout the various stages of recovery.

Our services are all provided in one location and are provided at no cost to our patients, who are some of the most disadvantaged members of our society.


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AUD $5

Make A Difference - The Gift Of Hope

$5 is a small price for most of us – the cost of a cup of coffee, or a loaf of bread.   But in the life of someone suffering from homeles... Read More

AUD $20

Help To Provide Food For A Day

Your donation of a $20 food voucher can make an important difference to one of our disadvantaged people trying to regain control of their lives. He... Read More

AUD $30

Help Me To Stay Well – 2 Week Controlled...

Your donation of $30 will provide patients with a controlled daily dose of medicine pre-packaged at the pharmacy.   This removes the... Read More

AUD $40

Please Help Me To Get Home - 2 Week Myki...

Addiction and mental health issues can very quickly lead to poverty.   Poverty reinforces the cycle of addiction and mental hea... Read More

AUD $55

Please Help Me To Obtain An Id Card

Many of our most vulnerable clients have no identification and are therefore unable to apply for housing, receive benefits or access services that ... Read More

AUD $60

Help Me To Stay Well – 4 Week Controlled...

A $60 ‘webster pack’ of medicine will provide patients with a pre-packaged daily dose of medicines for one month, eliminating the need to make the ... Read More