Fiji Book Drive Ltd

Fiji Book Drive Ltd

The purpose of Fiji Book Drive is to improve educational outcomes and therefore life opportunities for students of Fiji, through increased access to educational resources, predominantly focussed on literacy. This is done through the establishment of libraries and resourcing of kindergartens.

We collect books suitable for school-aged children, computers, and educational resources from many sources in Victoria.

We sort and pack them according to each school’s needs, and freight them to Fiji where they are distributed to remote schools.

Fiona Luth is the founder and CEO of this charity and she does this work unpaid, and mostly on her own. She is driven by a desire to help children achieve their potential.


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AUD $2

Help Us Educate Children In Fiji

Thank you for your $2 donation, which goes directly towards the cost of freight. We send thousands of books, as well as laptops and toys, to Fijian... Read More

AUD $5

Improve Education For Children In Fiji

Your generous donation can help us to improve life opportunities for Fijian children. Schools in Fiji are under-resourced. We send library books, s... Read More

AUD $5

Give The Gift Of Reading

Fiji Book Drive exists to improve educational outcomes and life opportunities for Fijian children. We have donated over 140,000 books since 2012, a... Read More

AUD $10

Readers Are Leaders

Research shows that strong reading skills form the basis for learning and life-long success. Education empowers students and their communities... Read More

AUD $15

Donation Towards Freight Costs To Send B...

Since 2012, we have donated more than 140,000 books to 79 primary and secondary schools and 33 kindergartens in Fiji. Why? Because education empowe... Read More

AUD $50

You Can Help Establish A Library In Fiji

Fiji Book Drive was established Fiona Luth, a former English teacher with a passion for reading and a unique appreciation of the challenges faced b... Read More