Epilepsy Smart Schools - AUD $25

Epilepsy Foundation

Epilepsy Smart Schools

"All children have a right to education”

This year up to 71,000 Australian school children will be struggling with their education and living with epilepsy.

We wish we could promise that no matter where they live, no matter which school they go to, that they will receive an education that equips them for the rest of their lives.

Our Plan

In order to do this we need to roll out our Epilepsy Smart Schools with as many Victorian schools, both primary and secondary, in metropolitan and rural regions and across the state, Catholic, and independent schools systems.

There are a lot of schools, just in Victoria alone there are 2296 primary and

secondary schools. Our plan is to start small, with 60 schools in first year and then doubling it each year, in nine years we will have covered the whole of Victoria.

What do we need?

The first year is very important, we have a great program but it needs to be implemented and evaluated in a way that works for the student, their family and for schools.

It will require an investment of $250,000. Thank you for your $25 contribution to this.