Edgar's Mission Inc

Edgar's Mission Inc

Edgar’s Mission rescues, rehomes and gives sanctuary to neglected, abandoned and abused farm animals and educates and empowers the community to make compassionate and ethical lifestyle choices. The mission of Edgar’s is kindness: kindness to animals, to each other and the planet.

Edgar’s Mission commenced as a farm animal sanctuary in 2003 and as concern for farm animal welfare has grown so has demand for their rescue and rehoming. Many shelters exist for domestic pets and wildlife but not for farm animals.

Edgar’s Mission’s objectives are:

1. To provide shelter and direct care for homeless, abused, injured or abandoned animals.

2. To find permanent homes for mistreated and abandoned animals and to promote adoption through education and example.

3. To promote compassion, understanding and respect for all animals and responsible and humane treatment towards animals in our community through the provision of advice, education and information.

We currently provide long term care for around 350 homeless, abused or abandoned farm animals - with hundreds more finding temporary sanctuary at Edgar’s Mission before finding lifelong homes. We care for all sorts of animals including pigs, sheep, horses, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, rabbits, alpacas, cattle, deer and goats.

Edgar’s Mission also introduces thousands of humans to the emotional world of farmed animals each year through farm tours, education and outreach programs.


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AUD $5

Bottles For The Lambs

Your bottle donation is greatly and enthusiastically appreciated! The little lambkins cannot contain their excitement when those bottles come into ... Read More

AUD $10

Watermelons For The Chickens

Chickens love watermelon! Once the watermelons hit the ground, watch the chickens run with heads ducked and wings flapping – to increase aerodynami... Read More

AUD $15

Box Of Carrots For The Pigs

Carrots go down a treat with our porcine Princes and Princesses. With strong jaws made for chomping, pigs scoop up sunset infused joysticks in numb... Read More

AUD $50

Bales Of Hay For The Sheep, Goats, Cows ...

Hay, we just want to say thank you for donating towards a vital staple. With hundreds of animals dependent on us for their daily sustenance, hay is... Read More

AUD $100

Shelter From The Elements

Thank you for choosing to invest in our shelters, everyone needs a roof over their head. Farm animals must have protection during the chilly winter... Read More

AUD $500

Medical Fighting Fund

The animals we rescue are often in need of lifesaving medical care. Rescued battery hen Rhonda Perchmore, surrendered bobby calf Jasmine and orphan... Read More