Watermelons for the Chickens - AUD $10

Edgar's Mission Inc

Watermelons for the Chickens

Chickens love watermelon! Once the watermelons hit the ground, watch the chickens run with heads ducked and wings flapping – to increase aerodynamics. But, no matter how much they want to tuck in, roosters will hang back and call out to their lady companions, ensuring they don’t miss out on the delightful feast.

Thank you for caring for chickens as much as we do! We’re so grateful you believe in us and have chosen to support our work.

Edgar’s Mission is a non-profit sanctuary for rescued farm animals. Our mission is one of kindness: to create a humane and just world for all. We strive to achieve this through animal rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming where possible, as well as inspiring others through our humane education and public outreach programs.

Visit our website to read more about our residents and what we do: www.edgarsmission.org.au