Bottles for the Lambs - AUD $5

Edgar's Mission Inc

Bottles for the Lambs

Your bottle donation is greatly and enthusiastically appreciated! The little lambkins cannot contain their excitement when those bottles come into sight and then, once their bellies are full, they have plenty of time to laze in the day’s warm rays and play a cheeky spot of chacey.

Cruelly, in Australia lambing season falls on our coldest months and winter marks a death sentence for around 15 million newborn lambs every year, most succumbing to hypothermia. Every year we have new babies arriving at our welcoming gates, every one requires numerous bottles according to their age and health. Your generosity will help us provide warm bottles to keep the lambs growing strong with a big side of hope for the future.

Thank you for caring for lambs as much as we do! We’re so grateful you believe in us and have chosen to support our work.

Edgar’s Mission is a non-profit sanctuary for rescued farm animals. Our mission is one of kindness: to create a humane and just world for all. We strive to achieve this through animal rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming where possible, as well as inspiring others through our humane education and public outreach programs