Dymocks Children's Charities

Dymocks Children's Charities

Literacy is the key to accessing knowledge and opening up choices. The Dymocks Children’s Charities Book Bank Project motivates and encourages students to develop lifelong skills in literacy by giving them great books to read!

Your donation will help us to help Australian children reach their full potential


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AUD $10


Your $10 could help turn a child into a regular little bookworm. Read More

AUD $20

Helping Kids In Need Read!

Every $20 you donate will provides a Duck Library book for a pre-school in a priority area. Read More

AUD $50

Books For Schools

Every $50 you donate provides books for a child at a priority primary school for a year! Read More

AUD $100

Tomorrow's Booklovers

Every $100 you donate will help us give one book per term to 2 students in a priority primary school. Read More

AUD $950

Duck Library For A Preschool In Need

$950 will provide a Duck Library for 2 years at an early learning centre in a disadvantaged community. Read More