Shout the Coffee on the Street Van - AUD $10


Shout the Coffee on the Street Van

Buy the Coffee, milk and Milo for one night on the Street Van.

The Street Van is a mobile outreach service which reaches out to street present youth who are at risk. We currently have four street vans operating in the areas of Northbridge, Rockingham, Kalgoorlie and Albany. The teams operate on Friday and Saturday nights.

Vans are staffed by one youth worker and a team of trained and dedicated volunteers. The team provides information, informal counselling and referrals to young people between the ages of 12-25 who are at risk on the streets during these times. On a typical night we may drive around and look for young people or stop the van in a hot-spot location, the team then engages with people at the van and support them according to their needs. This can range from being a listening ear to first aid through to finding emergency accommodation for someone. We also have coffee, milo, cordial and biscuits available which may be offered to people we are talking with.