I just want to help

Your weekly, monthly or workplace giving donation assists us to help our families. 

Your money will go towards items such as food and fuel and will help pay utilities like telephone, gas or electricity.  Every little bit helps and you can feel that you are contributing towards your community.

When you are told your child has a life threatening illness, your world gets wildly out of control. Not only do you have to deal with the overwhelming emotions and unfairness of your child suffering, you deal with the unanswerable question "why us."


Life as you know it is put on hold and you live in constant crisis.


Treatments are in either Sydney or Melbourne so you may have to split up your family, quit your job, leave other children with family or friends, the list goes on. You're making major life decisions with your head spinning, and a severe lack of sleep leaves your body relying on adrenaline to get you through the day.  


When you need them the most you are separated from your family and friends. You face overwhelming financial difficulties. You need to become a medical expert, provide grief and loss counselling to a child experiencing extreme illness and a possibility of death, deal with siblings who are dealing with multiple emotions from grief to envy, and a partner, who like you has had their world tipped upside down.