Country Education Foundation of Australia

Country Education Foundation of Australia

Education changes lives. And families. And communities.

The Country Education Foundation of Australia (CEF) is a not-for-profit charity with DGR 1 status. It began with one community foundation in Boorowa in 1993 and became a national organisation and incorporated entity in 2003. We support 44 volunteer-run foundations in rural and regional New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory and South Australia.

CEF is a charitable, community-based organisation that assists rural and regional school leavers aged 16 – 25 years to access higher education. This is done primarily through local foundations awarding grants and providing community support and informal mentoring at a ‘grass-roots’ level. We believe the best support a young person can have is from their community. While financial help is part of this, the encouragement and investment in a young person’s confidence has an equal, if not greater, value.

We provide non-cash grants and various scholarships to young people to help with tertiary education, training, apprenticeships and job expenses. Grants are provided to the students through reimbursement upon production of receipt or direct to the supplier if the student cannot afford the upfront cost. CEF national office provides volunteer foundations with establishment seed funding, advice, governance and policy, ongoing support, resources and access to additional funding so they can focus on raising funds locally to create awareness in their communities and support local students.

The stories of some of these amazing students and what they have achieved with the support of their local foundations can be found here: ef-student-stories/


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Our Volunteers Are Everything

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Life After School Can Be Confusing

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Textbooks Are Essential

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