Children's Cancer Institute

Children's Cancer Institute

Children’s Cancer Institute exists solely to put an end to childhood cancer. We don’t just hope to do it. We will do it.

Sixty years ago, cancer was nearly always a death sentence for a child. Today, eight out of 10 children survive – and it’s medical research that has made this huge difference.

However, despite our progress, more than 950 children and adolescents in Australia are still diagnosed with cancer every year. Every week, nearly three children in Australia die from cancer.

Children’s Cancer Institute is the only independent medical research institute in Australia wholly dedicated to curing childhood cancer.

Our focus is on translational research: working closely with clinicians in paediatric hospitals throughout Australia to ensure our discoveries are progressed into actual treatments for kids with cancer as quickly as possible.

Curing childhood cancer. It’s not if. It’s when.

Our work brings hope to children like Byron, who was diagnosed with a particularly aggressive type of leukaemia when he was just 17 months old. Read Byron's story: home/all-stories/byr ons-story/


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AUD $48

Extracting Dna To Study Potential Cancer...

$48 is enough to extract the DNA from one patient sample to study potential cancer genes. All of these gifts are real items that we use in our ever... Read More

AUD $50

Drug Discovery Centre Screening

$50 will screen 25 potentially life-saving drug compounds in our Drug Discovery Centre. All of these gifts are real items that we use in our everyd... Read More

AUD $130

Dna Sequencing To Detect Leukaemia

$130 covers the cost of DNA sequencing to detect the presence of leukaemia in one child. All of these gifts are real items that we use in our every... Read More

AUD $560

Drug Therapy For A Child With Cancer

$560 will pay for one full week of drug therapy for a child with cancer on a clinical trial. All of these gifts are real items that we use in our e... Read More

AUD $1000

Monitoring Thousands Of Genes

$1000 will pay for a full gene expression array, which allows us to monitor thousands of genes to study the effects of certain diseases and treatme... Read More