Family Transport Services - AUD $20

Childhood Cancer Support

Family Transport Services

Since the inception of Childhood Cancer Supports bus transport on December 1, 2014, demand for the service has increased significantly.

Childhood Cancer Supports transport service was quickly implemented in response to the opening of the Queensland Children’s Hospital, located on the south side of Brisbane.

The move of the children’s hospital to the other side of town has caused a number of transitional difficulties for many families – the major concerns being convenience and cost. Having a child diagnosed with cancer is heart wrenching and traumatic enough without having to worry about other financial concerns.

Taxis and public transport for children undergoing treatment are not an option when your child is neutropenic and at risk of infection. Most families staying with Childhood Cancer Support do not have access to their own car and for those that do, parking fees at the new hospital are exorbitant and street parking is very limited. Imagine having to pay for car parking, every day, for six months?

We need your help. For every $20 donated, you are putting money towards an invaluable and essential service to the families who need it most.

The average cost to fuel one family transport van is $100 per week. So please help us to keep this services as no child deserves to miss the bus.