Safe Children Safe Families Program - AUD $50

Child Abuse Prevention Service

Safe Children Safe Families Program

Allows a parent and child to attend the Safe Children Safe Families program. The Safe Children Safe Families Program teaches children about protective behaviours, Safety rules and emotional maturity. It also teaches the educators and parent about the warning signs, what to look for and how to respond.

This is the only protective Behaviours program in Australia that works with Educators, Parents and the Children to ensure they are all on the same page in their protection of the children.   It is an evidence based, proven program that desperately needs your help.

International research indicates that children are vulnerable to abuse and harm, but that children with special needs and children living in remote locations, particularly Indigenous children, are especially vulnerable. For example, US and Canadian studies indicate that children with disabilities/ special needs are extremely vulnerable to sexual abuse, especially children with developmental disabilities. Senn (1988) reported approximately 69% of girls and 30% of boys with intellectual disabilities may experience sexual abuse before the age of 18 years. Hard (1986) found that 68% of intellectually disabled girls had been sexually abused by the age of 18 years. Numerous Australian inquiries, such as the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and the Northern Territory Board of Inquiry into the Sexual Abuse of Children (“Little Children Are Sacred” report) have also highlighted the particular vulnerability of Indigenous children and children living in remote locations.

We need your help to stop child abuse and this programs is effective in doing so.  Please consider helping our cause. Give generously.