Mitji Ngwali - A Coaching and Mentoring Program - AUD $15

Centre For Hope

Mitji Ngwali - A Coaching and Mentoring Program

Meaning "Little Waves" we work with 6 to 12 year olds to build and create an inspired life for disadvantaged children in our community

through schools. 

The program has been designed around the concept of Mitji Ngwali (coaching) and mentoring. The power of these approaches, working in tandem, offers a unique experience for participants where they are supported and encouraged to find their strengths and weaknesses, and move beyond the limitations set by themselves and others.

When the young person is truly centered on the things that matter to them, and these things are linked to their schooling and day-to-day living, great changes are possible. Where required, the Centre for Hope will offer practical support through education for the parents or carers of these young people.

Thank you for your $15 dollar contribution, this will support a child in this school mentoring program