Kitten Season is here ! - AUD $10

CatRescue 901

Kitten Season is here !

Please donate this Christmas to help us pay for all our 59 kittens. 

As Christmas draws near we are called upon multiple times a day to take babies and mums with babies. Right now we have 59 kittens and 3 mummy cats being cared for by 16 carers. Some of our babies are ready to have their vetwork done. We have around 12 very kind vet practices who give us generous rescue rates. But even with that our babies will each cost approx $250 to have their vetwork done. And that is after the cost of their food, worm and flea treatments and extra vet visits as many of our babies come on board sick. 

A week ago we rescued two 5 week old babies from the streets as each baby had something badly wrong with an eye. One baby's eye ruptured on Sunday night which meant a visit to Small Animal Specialist Hospital on Monday morning to see an opthalmologist. Our babies are happy on medications to control infection and pain and will be fine but only because of good care, medications and vets. They will both have their bad eye removed early in the new year when they weigh enough. 

We have orphaned babied who are being hand fed by specialised carers, and also mums with babies who will need care for at least a few months.  Kitten season has hit hard in Sydney again - it is very much like a flood at times. 

It's vitally important to feed all these babies good quality food so they grow up healthy. Also, Mum cats eat an enormous amount of food when pregnant and feeding their babies. 

We often have to feed,  and flea &worm treat the babies for at least 3 months. That's a lot of food and treatments to cover. 

Please help us care for all our Mummy and baby cats.