Help us rescue the difficult ones - AUD $5

CatRescue 901

Help us rescue the difficult ones

We very much appreciate small donations. They do help us rescue the most desperate cats because we can rely on ongoing income when a lot people donate a small amount. 

Hercules was being advertised all over facebook as a stray cat with a shocking nose needing help. He was finally trapped and taken to one of our vets and diagnosed with the fungal infection cryptoccocus. It could take him up to 2 years to recover but he is well on the way and a much happier cat now.

Our team finds cats who have been left in very poor conditions that are not due to any fault of the cat. Abandoned and having to fend for themselves, these cats are often left without help by others due to the underlying expense of the vet care needed.

As Hercules' nose healed, the new growth started to block his breathing. He had his nose surgery recently with Dr Miriam at Potts Point who expertly corrected his nasal openings, so that he’ll be able to breathe better, and also to correct the course of the tissue growth as his nose continues to heal from the Cryptococcus fungal infection. The surgery went perfectly, and Hercules is now back home with his foster carer, to heal and enjoy life again. He is suddenly eating much better and we think he has his sense of smell back. When he has healed some more, he will be looking for his forever family. Hercules is only around 18 months so we are thrilled we could give him a second chance at life. 

CatRescue 901 is a small rescue group based on volunteers who dedicate themselves to abandoned cats and kittens. 

CatRescue 901 always tries to rescue the hard ones; the more expensive ones, the difficult ones. We rescue cats with disabilities and have rehomed over 15 blind cats and kittens.

Ongoing donations, even of small amounts, help support our work and enable us to keep rescuing the cats who are often overlooked as "too hard" to save.