Help those disabled yet gorgeous - AUD $10

CatRescue 901

Help those disabled yet gorgeous

At the beginning of December we took on a kitten with Cerebellar Hypoplaysia. This means the kitten has head wobbles and wobbles when walking but these kittens grow up to have very good quality of life. Kittens with disability deserve a chance too. 

We recently took on another really hard case. A cat with a very swollen head and misshapen face only to discovered within minutes she is blind too. How on early did that poor girl manage living rough? She was starving and very underweight. She went straight to one of our vets yesterday and was tested for cryptococcus fungal infection. If that is negative then the vet will continue to test until we get answers and can fix this girl. 

We now have FIVE blind cats and kittens on board. 

Help us rescue cats with disabilities and illnesses, the hard cases that are usually "avoided" by many others. With your help we have rehomed over 15 blind cats and kittens, and it is an ever growing number.

Recently we took on a litter of kittens who have very damaged eyes from cat flu and two of the kittens each need an eye removed.

We also took on another litter as one baby had a deformed leg and the whole leg will need to be removed. 

We benefit from your ongoing weekly or monthly donations to help support our work and enable us to keep rescuing the cats who most overlook as too hard. The ones who really need extra love.

Your donations genuinely help us be able to rescue the much harder cases who require ongoing and expensive care.