Help feed rescued cats for a week - AUD $10

CatRescue 901

Help feed rescued cats for a week

Your generous contribution towards food for our babies and adults is very appreciated. For the price of a human meal your kind donation will provide multiple quality meals for each cat or kitten. Most of the kittens and cats we find have been starving and it is very important they receive plenty of good quality food quickly to nourish their bodies back to good health so we can get their vetwork done and find them homes. 

CatRescue 901 is a small group of like-minded volunteers dedicating themselves to abandoned and sick kittens & cats. 

Quality food is especially important when the kitties first arrive in our care, as most have been starving and are emaciated. These meals help them become strong again and contribute to their long term good health. 

Good quality cat food also helps build immunity and to reduce the likelihood of developing ongoing health issues.

With your kind donation, we fund the care of cats & kittens with our team of experienced and dedicated foster carers.