Help cats dumped & found homeless - AUD $20

CatRescue 901

Help cats dumped & found homeless

Sadly we are seeing the dump rate of pets growing very quickly. So many lovely cats are dumped by their owners, some when the people simply go away on holidays. Sadly most  are not desexed and this is contributing to the escalating homeless population. 

CatRescue 901 is a small rescue group supported by volunteers dedicated to homeless cats & kittens. 

With your kind donation we can save more cats, provide vet care, and then match them to their new forever homes. 

Furby AKA "The Boof" was just one of many finding himself homeless, due to no fault of his own. Without his previous family, this boy is still a huge love bug. Super, super smoochy. His favourite place is under the bed covers next to you, and his next favourite place is on top of you. Boof is a very handsome lad, quite a big boy and has gorgeous, big, green eyes. 

Your kind donation goes to our work so we can continue to rescue cats abandoned on the streets or found suddenly without an owner: have their vet work done, and find them loving forever homes.

Without your help so many more will be left abandoned without homes and not able to fend for themselves.