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Help blind kittens: special needs

Minki is doing great and is awaiting her forever home with a loving family. Blind Opal is also looking for her forever home. Ignacio, who had one eye removed and ended up having a little vision in his other eye so had eyelid agenesis surgery has been adopted and his 2 siblings will be having their eyelid agenesis surgery soon so they won't lose their eyes.

On 27 August, Minki goes to see Dr Mei to have her eyes removed. She has no vision and removing them takes away any risk of infection or discomfort. Dont be sad for Minki. She is a very happy and playful kitten who will have a wonderful life. Blind cats mind map their area very effectively and run around like their seeing kitten friends. She will be ready for adoption in about 4 weeks. 

At the beginning of May, 2019 we took on our FOURTH blind baby. We now have Ignacio (grey and white baby pictured), Little Minki, Opal and Louis (all from different litters). All these babies are young. We have now rehomed around 16 blind cats and kittens and they do awesomely well. They mind map their area and run around like another cat. So please know they have excellent quality of life once we fix infections and in most cases, remove eyes which are vulnerable to infections and problems in the future. 

Your contribution will help with the essential and expensive care to ensure our blind cats and kittens have a normal life in their new family homes.

In February this year, we saved a starving mum and her babies after an urgent call was put out to help this sick family. We could see one kitten had a serious condition called eyelid agenesis but we didn't realise all three babies had it.


The cute little grey and white baby, Ingacio, has since been diagnosed blind due to poor eye development by our opthalmologist. Eventually Ignacio will need to have his eyes removed to avoid infections and future problems and he will be fine.


His sisters, Polara and Hirschy, will need to undergo surgery to construct eyelids for them. If this isn't done they will have ongoing serious issues and probably end up blind. This is a long and expensive process, but they deserve to have quality of life. 


Blind cats do extraordinarily well as they mind map and are able to run around just like their seeing friends. 


CatRescue 901 is a small rescue group of volunteers, dedicated to abandoned cats and kittens. We have successfully rehomed over 15 blind kittens and cats, and they have great quality of life. They mind map and are able to run around just like their seeing friends. We have a page on our website of stories written by our blind cats' adopters and how well they are going. 

Veterinary costs for blind kitties run very high. Please help us to rescue more blind kittens like these by making a contribution to ...