Buy special food for our tiniest baby kittens - AUD $20

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Buy special food for our tiniest baby kittens

on 21st September we took on our first tiny bottle babies. Matt and Chelsea are estimated to have been 10 days old when we got them. Their carer, Tammy, will be bottle feeding them every 2 to 3 hours around the clock. They are little fighters and going well on day 4 with us. Jenny

Help tiny babes to become healthy and grow with the special food they need, so they may find their forever homes. Your contribution for these tiny babies will help us buy the special kitten formula they need. 

Our very dedicated hand rearers feed these tiny babies every two hours around the clock. 

Recently in one day our team took on 11 babes from one place. These tiny ones were from multiple litters but all living rough together. We quickly desexed the four adults living there who are not friendly but at least they won't have anymore babies. 

Our rescue group is small with volunteers dedicated to provide quality care to cats and kittens. With your help the little ones will grow well to make up for their hard start in life.

The tiniest of kittens need frequent 2 hourly feeds by our dedicated hand-feeders with bottles and special kitten milk formula. Frequent special feeds are needed until when five weeks old, the babies are just starting to eat on their own.

Hand fed babies, bond to their humans very strongly and make truly lovely pets. We love rescuing these helpless little babies but we have to provide formula, special food, worming and flea treatments for nearly three months before they can be desexed, microchipped and vaccinated in preparation to be adopted.