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Blind Helen Keller

UPDATE 29/2/2020 Helen Keller's crypto levels have come down remarkably. We are going to start another course of amphotericin as specialist would like her level to get to zero. HK is now properly integrated in Emely's household and gets on well with the other cats. She should be ready for adoption in a few months we hope. 

UPDATE: 2/12/2019 Helen Keller is going really well. 

she will be having another test shortly to test the cryptococcus levels and then we will discuss with Dr Richard Malik (world expert research veterinarian on fungal infections) how to continue her treatment. Emely, HK's carer, feels she has had a little vision returned with treatment and her head shape is much improved. Once we know what her future looks like re medication, we think we will be able to put her up for adoption. She is one of the loveliest cats you could ever meet. Jenny

UPDATE: Helen Keller saw two separate specialist last week. We have been advised to start her on a third medication and that she no longer needs antiobiotics for her eye as it is related to the cryptococcus not an infection. She is definitely improving. Jenny

Helen Keller was found early June by one of our carers walking around blind. She was emaciated and starving. 

HK had a strange shaped head and immediately we were worried it was a cryptococcal infection (fungal infection caught from pigeon poop). The disease was so advanced, it has caused her blindness. Despite this, HK is an exceptionally affectionate girl who is so grateful to be safe, warm and loved.

Helen Keller is on two drugs as the disease is so advanced. The treatment will be for a minimum of a year. It is very treatable in its early stages but harder to shift in it's more advanced stages. Our Hercules also had it badly and has reached the point where he has has healed well after 6 months of treatment and is very happy and we are hoping HK will achieve the same benchmarks as Hercules. 

Please help us fund the ongoing costs of Helen Keller's care and treatment. She is only around 1 or 2 years old and a very special girl who is worth every chance to give her a wonderful life.